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20/01/2018 00:48
Upgrades in YP2 GROWING MONEY EARNINGS HOSTING PLANS - Aumentos en planes de hosting YP2 DE GANAN...
We are glad to announce that our Beginners, Copper, and Silver plans we have made an upgrade in the hosting capacity: Beginner :  up to 200Mgs Copper :  Up to 500 Mgs Silver :  up to 1000 Mgs Remember that this plans are designed to spend only what you need for your web page, a... 
15/01/2018 03:51
New Services - Nuevos Servicios
We have incorporated FREE professional Hosting with Cpanel in the conventional way for our FREE users, which allows you to train, design with our FREE web editor, your personal web projects or for your clients, and then decide if you want to move into our YP2 CLOUD hosting plan WITH GROWING SPACE... 
19/11/2017 00:50
More improvements for all ! Mas mejoras para todos...
We have improved with a new modern front end web site and our clients back office for enjoying better your staying with us and to make easier sales for all of us...   Also we have incorporated a new Professional Web Editor software for our comunity that will make you to build the bests res... 
26/07/2017 22:58
New improvements!
Hello friends associated with MWP2,   We have incorporated new and modern capture page templates, with yours Distributor data, and the viral PDF presentation, in the same way, so that you can get better results in your marketing campaigns.   We have also updated new promotion videos... 
26/07/2017 22:50
Noticias de Mejorías en nuestras plataformas
Hola amigos asociados a MWP2,    Hemos incorporado nuevos y modernos modelos de paginas de captura, con sus datos de Distribuidor, y la presentación PDB viral, de igual forma, para que puedas obtener mejores resultados en tus campañas de marketing.    Igualme... 


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